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When Chris met Mohamadi in 2019, Mohamadi was already a highly successful, world-renowned SEO expert. In 2021, when Chris launched his first podcast he sought out Mohamadi's expertise and helped launch Mohamadi's podcast. In 2022, they partnered up to leverage their skills in digital marketing (website design, SEO & podcasting).

Together we have supported hundreds of businesses with their website design and digital marketing needs from trauma surgeons to real estate investors, private equity companies, contractors and podcasters.

We have created our own solutions to make website fulfilment faster and more affordable for our clients. It's a win-win for all.

Our Values


We will only help you if we 100% believe we can help you. If we don't we put you in contact with one of referral partners who can support you as well as us. 


We do not believe in locking our clients into long contracts. Instead, we want to earn your business over and over again each month/per project.


A professional, modern and speedy website design is our promise. We will advise you on other ways we can partner to support your growth. 

Our Testimonials

Real People, Real Results

Our Testimonials

What Our Customers Are Saying

Tonya E.

Thank you for your giving spirit and being so easy to work with. I appreciate you Mohamadi Tapsoba and the rest of the team. With my site being up for a mere 2 weeks and with some daily updates I have my first client. The lead contacted through my site just as they should. If anybody is on the fence about branding or website design all I can say is just do it.

Dante H.

Chris has been helping me set up my podcast channel as a coach and mentor and he’s been amazingly generous with his time and insights gained through his deep experience gained from interviewing over 70 high profile guests. He helped me with my website design strategy as well which I can’t thank him enough for.

Eli J.

Chris is an awesome guy with a lot of drive, persistence and patience and wants to see others succeed. Most know him as the podcast guy, but I know because of his web design agency. His websites are built really well. I’m from an SEO background and he’s doing some great stuff over at FORT MEDIA GROUP. Go Chris!

Jason S.

Chris is someone I look to for all things web design and podcasting. I enjoy every time I have the chance to talk to him because he’s always got great insights. I think this comes from his deep interest in understanding people and the world around him. I can tell Chris loves what he does because he’s always smiling about a new project or person he is working with. Chris’ work ethic comes through so consistently, and he always going above and beyond for his clients.

Mohamadi T.

Chris and I connected through podcasting after he helped me launch my podcast, The Entrepreneurship Formula in 2022. He sat with me live to record the trailer and gave me killer constructive feedback that could have taken me 12+ hours on my own, but instead it took an hour or so. As well as podcasting, he’s exceptional at web design too. I can’t recommend him enough for both services